More than once have I looked upon his face. The face that has no soul, no spirit. His passion lies in the harming of others, while mine is an implacable opposite to him.

He hunted with a smile, with his weapon of choice. A dagger he had once used on crocodiles.

Something had happened, long ago to change everything that made him human. Now he lives for the chase, the joy of the kill.

Humans and animals are fair game to their non-discriminate eye. My friends and I had survived this long, against the force that had driven us into the wilderness.

My father and mother had tried to escape by running into the sea away from our home. He had seen their escape, picked up their scent and moved in slowly for the kill.

I watched with horror as he slaughtered them both, taking his time. Meticulous he was and all I could do was watch. I wanted to scream but my friends held me back and covered my mouth. I swore I would never let anything turn me to evil the way he had been turned.

When both of my friends had decided to retreat, I stumbled with them. We retreated into the forest. Somehow it seemed strange and logical that a place that had caused me great fear in the past would prove to be a haven for me now.

It had been several hours since we had retreated into the woods near my home. The sky had grown dark but clear. The moon was full, and its ghostly light illuminated all of the trees as far as the eye could see.

I used to fear the deep forest but this time I felt its endless community of trees surrounding and protecting my friends and I in our greatest hour of need. We had found a nook in the side of a hilly mound that we had all decided was safe.

Peter had sat down to my left and covered himself up with a blanket he always carried around in his rucksack. Sarah had settled to my right and was nestled in the crook of my arm.

Her jacket had become soaked after slipping in a stream further back along the route we had taken. I offered her my jacket, but she refused, not wanting me to be cold.

It wouldn’t have mattered if I were hot or cold, for I felt nothing. I waited until she had fallen asleep then over the course of many minutes, I gently removed my jacket and wrapped it around her.

I remembered how kind she had tried to be, how she had tried to alleviate some of the pain and anguish I felt over watching my parents be slaughtered.

I felt nothing.

Her body provided me with some warmth as I sat there leaning against the mound, staring into the forest. I listened for the inevitable. I knew the one who had slain my parents like game would certainly come after us.

I would die to protect my friends. I had turned twenty some months ago, but Sarah was only sixteen. I knew she had to be protected, even though she was the last one to admit it.

Peter, who had turned eighteen shortly after my birthday was one of the hardest guys I had ever known. The best guy to have on your side in a fight, although not among the most eloquent of people.

Snapping out of my chain of thought I realized that I was stroking Sarah’s hair, for she turned in my arms. I knew she was making herself more comfortable.

As pleasant as it was, I knew that everything that had kept me going in my life was gone. I had only one mission in life now, to hunt down and stop my parents’ killer. And I would do everything in my power to see it through.

A branch snapped.

My eyes opened wide, and I shot my head up, observing the forest. My ears became pricked, and I listened for the slightest sound. My eyes scanned for the slightest movement. 

Peter and Sarah were both still sound asleep so I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about either of them being concerned at my reaction. Or by the branch snapping.

Another branch snapped.

This time I had a much better bearing on the source. My heart nearly jumped through my head when I finally saw the cause of the noise.

A deer.

To Be Continued………

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