Chapter 1 – Creation

In the dawning, a divine symphony played,

God crafted heaven and earth with hands displayed.

Beneath the veil of void and endless night,

His spirit danced upon the waters’ sight.

“Let there be light!” His sovereign voice proclaimed,

And in that instant, radiance untamed.

Dividing light from darkness, pure and bright,

He named the day, the shadowed realm, the night.

Then spoke the Lord, “A firmament I weave,

To part the waters, earth from sky, believe.”

And lo, a heaven vast, a boundless dome,

Where God’s design, creation’s truest home.

Waters beneath converged by His decree,

Revealing land, the earth, in majesty.

Oceans named as seas,

as God beheld,

The Maker’s gaze on what His might compelled.

“Let grass and herbs in verdant splendor grow,

With fruitful trees, their bounty soon to show.”

From earth’s embrace, life’s tapestry unfurled,

In perfect harmony, a teeming world.

Within the firmament, celestial might,

God placed the stars, the sun, and moon, so bright.

Two radiant orbs, the day and night to grace,

While stars in countless numbers filled the space.

They rule the cycles, seasons, years, and days,

And in their radiant glow, creation sways.

Dividing light from dark with gentle sway,

His watchful eyes saw night and dawn’s display.

“Let waters teem with life,” His voice anew,

Creatures of sea and sky, diverse and true.

Great whales and fowl adorned the azure sky,

Blessed by God to soar, to swim, to multiply.

On land, beasts in their myriad forms emerged,

Cattle and creeping things, their course converged.

Every living creature shaped by His decree,

A tapestry of life, a symphony.

Now God, in His eternal wisdom, said,

“Let us create, in our own image, bred,

A being with dominion over all,

To care for earth, to stand both strong and tall.”

Man and woman, in God’s likeness made,

With purpose, over creatures, land, to wade.

In sacred union, male and female’s birth,

To till, to tend, to multiply the earth.

He blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful, let it be,

Inherit, rule o’er land and sea, so free.

From herb and tree, your sustenance derive,

In harmony, with all life, let love thrive.”

Every creature, His love’s boundless feat,

A harmony of purpose, truly sweet.

God saw His creation, grand and vast,

Proclaimed it “very good,” the first and last.

As twilight fell, His wondrous work complete,

The seventh day arrived, a sacred seat.

In timeless splendor, heaven and earth entwine,

In God’s poetic tale, His grand design.

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