Chapter 3 – The Fall of Man

In Eden’s bloom, a serpent coiled in grace,

With subtle words, the primal tale to trace.

Its eyes a gleam with knowledge, dark and deep,

As whispered secrets, innocence did sweep.

Amidst the garden’s fruits, God’s clear command,

“Of every tree you may eat, freely, stand.

But of the tree of knowledge, do not dine,

For in that day, your souls will intertwine.”

Yet cunning whispers, tempting, serpentine,

The woman heard, her heart in twine, confide.

The fruit, its knowledge, promise to unveil,

A choice to ponder, innocence to sail.

She plucked the fruit, and in its taste did find,

A newfound wisdom, dawning on her mind.

With trembling hands, she offered Adam, too,

And in their shared rebellion, knowledge grew.

Their eyes were opened, innocence laid bare,

Aware of good and evil, now aware.

In shame, they sewed together fig leaf dress,

Their newfound knowledge weighed, in deep distress.

God walked in Eden’s cool and gentle breeze,

But man and woman hid among the trees.

The Lord’s voice called, “Where art thou?” to His kin,

In trembling voice, confessed their treacherous sin.

Blame was passed from Adam to his wife,

From serpent’s lips to truth, a bitter knife.

A curse pronounced, the serpent’s doom was told,

On dust to crawl, as enmity took hold.

To Eve, the pain of childbirth marked her fate,

Yet hope in future offspring would await.

Adam toiled ‘neath thorns and thistles’ sting,

With sweat upon his brow, his fate took wing.

From Eden’s paradise, they soon were sent,

Their innocence forever lost, lament.

An angel with a flaming sword of might,

Guarded the path to Eden’s radiant light.

In sorrow, Adam and his wife did roam,

Their lives now marked by leaving Eden’s home.

A chapter closed, but in the pages turned,

The lessons of the fall forever burned.

In choices made, the human heart revealed,

The knowledge of both good and evil, sealed.

The timeless tale of Eden’s tragic loss,

A testament to the choices borne by us.

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