Chapter 8 – A New Dawn for Humanity

The floodwaters ceased their relentless reign,

As Noah watched, no longer touched by pain.

The ark found rest upon Mount Ararat’s crest,

A sanctuary for souls, a place of rest.

From his perch, the patriarch gazed below,

 At waters ebbing, revealing earth’s glow.

 With a dove released, a sign of peace and hope,

It returned with an olive branch to cope.

Noah knew that God’s wrath had ceased to flow,

A covenant of grace, an unwritten vow.

The ground, once submerged, in beauty appeared,

 A fresh world, by the Creator, revered.

With gratitude in his heart, Noah stepped forth,

From the ark’s confines, a new life’s course.

 He built an altar, offered a sacrifice,

A gesture of thanks to the heavens’ embrace.

The aroma rose, a fragrant offering,

As God’s favor, a rainbow in the offing.

 A promise spoken in the silence vast,

That the world would endure, rebuilt at last.

A covenant of peace, eternally made,

God’s pledge to humanity’s path displayed.

 Though the world may change, in faith we believe,

 A new dawn for humanity, hearts receive.

The ark’s voyage over, a journey profound,

A world reborn on hallowed ground.

 From darkness to light, through storm and strife,

 God’s promise emerged, a testament of life.

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