Chapter 10 – The Table of Nations

In the quiet aftermath of the divine pact,

The descendants of Noah fanned out and exact.

As the Earth’s new inhabitants dispersed,

The Table of Nations, a story rehearsed.

Japheth, Shem, and Ham, the patriarch’s seed,

A myriad of nations, a diverse breed.

The land of Gomer, Togarmah, and more,

Descendants multiplied, histories to explore.

Elam’s lineage unfurled, its roots well known,

In Persia’s ancient land, their strength was shown.

The people of Lud and Aram, side by side,

 In languages and cultures, their worlds did divide.

Egypt, the land of Ham’s vast domain,

An empire of wonders, a lasting reign.

 From Canaan’s line, the Amorites arose,

 In strength and stature, their stories composed.

A journey to the east, from Shem’s proud line,

Asshur and Arpachshad’s descendants intertwined.

Out of Arphaxad’s line, a well-known name,

Eber, the father of the Hebrews’ claim to fame.

From the progeny of Shem, the nations thrived,

 In languages and cultures, they truly dived.

Peleg’s birth marked an earth divided, vast,

Tongues and lands, a history amassed.

The descendants of Noah, their paths did part,

Nations, tongues, and cultures to chart.

A table of nations, a diverse array,

In unity and difference, they found their way.

In these ancient scrolls, a tapestry spun,

 Of lineages, nations, since Earth’s begun.

 A history etched on the human heart,

 As we, the children of Noah, play our part!

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