Chapter 11 – The Tower of Babel

In ancient days, a single tongue did grace,

 The earth’s inhabitants in a common space.

With purpose, in Shinar’s plain they stood,

A mighty tower, the symbol of brotherhood.

“Let us build a city and a tower to rise,

To the heavens themselves, reaching the skies.

A name for ourselves, lest we scatter wide,”

They murmured with ambition, swelled with pride.

But God, who knows the hearts of humankind,

Beheld their purpose, their will intertwined.

In unity, a force both strong and true,

There’s little they, in purpose, couldn’t do.

To confound their language, their tongues did sever,

No longer in unison, their words could endeavor.

Confusion reigned, a babel of sound,

 The tower’s construction came tumbling down.

Their dream of unity, of fame, now fled,

As language parted them, their vision shred.

They scattered far, to every distant shore,

A tale of division and unity no more.

Yet in this story, a lesson to gain,

 In pride and ambition, to remain.

A tower of understanding, we must aspire,

 In unity and purpose, we can reach higher.

The Tower of Babel, a tale both stark and grand,

 Of unity and division, at God’s hand.

A lesson through the ages, we must heed,

In purpose, love, and understanding, to succeed.

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