Chapter 12 – The Call of Abram

In Ur of Chaldees, where ancient realms did stand,

 Lived Abram, in his homeland’s golden sand.

A voice, divine, within his heart did ring,

 A call to journey forth, to serve his King.

“Go from your kindred, leave your father’s house,

To distant lands, I lead you like a mouse.

To a place I’ll show you, a promised land,

Where destiny and purpose will you understand.”

With faith, he took his wife, his kin, and herds,

 Set forth, an odyssey in God’s words.

Through foreign lands, beneath celestial skies,

 He journeyed on, a faithful enterprise.

A famine’s test, in Egypt’s land, he faced,

 A plight, a challenge, in a foreign place.

 To save his life, he claimed his wife a sister,

 A tale of trust and God’s divine assister.

Pharaoh, unknowing, took her for his own,

 But plagues soon struck, and truth at last was known.

Abram and his kin, with wealth anew,

Set forth again, God’s promises to pursue.

A patriarch on Earth, in God’s embrace,

 From Ur’s expanse to Canaan’s blessed space.

A journey marked by faith and God’s decree,

 In Abram’s steps, a sacred odyssey.

Genesis Chapter 12, a story so divine,

A call to Abram, God’s purpose to align.

 A journey forth, with faith and love, they trod,

In the steps of destiny, the chosen of God.

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