Chapter 13 – Abram and Lot’s Separation

In the vast expanse where destiny did bloom,

 Two souls, Abram and Lot, dispelled the gloom.

Their riches flowed like rivers in full flood,

As family ties, in unity, withstood.

Yet, murmurs spread among their shepherd band,

 The open land, their cattle’s hunger, fanned.

In kindness and respect, they chose to part,

 Seeking harmony, not feud, in every heart.

“Abram,” said Lot, with kinship’s gentle grace,

 “Let us not yield to strife; let’s seek our space.

 The land is wide; go where you will, my friend,

I shall take the other, in peace, we’ll mend.”

Abram, in love, the strife did not allow,

 He chose the promised land, beneath God’s vow.

Lot, gazing upon the fertile Jordan’s shore,

Chose its lushness, where his fate he’d explore.

As Abram dwelt in Canaan’s blessed embrace,

A land of promise, a sacred dwelling place,

 God’s covenant, in stars above, did gleam,

 Guiding his path, like a radiant dream.

Two souls, like rivers branching in their flow,

 In unity and love, they chose to go.

 Abram and Lot, their journeys intertwined,

Separate paths, God’s promise they’d find.

Genesis Chapter 13, a tale of peace and art,

Two souls who chose, from strife, to depart.

 In unity and faith, their bonds did thrive,

 As kinship found a way to truly survive.

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