Chapter 14 – Abram Rescues Lot

In days of old, when empires reigned in might,

Abram’s heart was guided by God’s light.

The king of Sodom, with dominion grand,

 Reigned o’er his city, lord of his own land.

But a shadow fell, as kings waged war,

 They clashed in battle, their might to explore.

 The cities of the plain were torn asunder,

 In this age-old tale, where empires plunder.

Amid the chaos, Abram heard the cry,

His nephew Lot, in Sodom’s grasp did lie.

 With valorous heart, his men, his might he raised,

 To rescue Lot, in God’s name, unfazed.

He chased the kings, a force both brave and strong,

And in battle fierce, he righted a great wrong.

His might, his faith, his courage shone like gold,

 As he triumphed in the field, a story to be told.

With his nephew saved, the king of Sodom met,

Abram’s courage, a tale not to forget.

A priest, Melchizedek, appeared in grace,

 With bread and wine, his blessings to embrace.

The priest of the God most high, he blessed,

 With bread and wine, they communed in their quest.

Abram, a vessel of God’s chosen way,

Honored his God and his faith that day.

In Genesis Chapter 14, a tale profound,

Of valor, courage, on sacred ground.

 Abram, a hero, in battle’s blaze,

Rescuing Lot, in God’s name, he raised.

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