Chapter 15 – God’s Covenant with Abram

In the night’s embrace, beneath the starry dome,

 Abram’s heart sought answers, a celestial home.

 He questioned God, his Lord, in humble plea,

“Lord God, what can you give, where is my legacy?”

God’s voice rang out, through twilight’s silent air,

“Count the stars above, if you truly dare.

 So shall your offspring, be vast, in the morn,

 Like the stars in the sky, from dusk till dawn.”

Abram believed, and his faith did swell,

 God’s promise, a covenant, in which to dwell.

 A sacrificial act, with creatures and fire,

 A covenant divine, to lift him higher.

As Abram slumbered, in dreams profound,

A deep and dreadful darkness fell around.

 A vision, a prophecy, of times ahead,

A people enslaved, in Egypt’s clasp they’d tread.

But God’s covenant, with Abram, held strong,

 A promise that, in time, would right the wrong.

 A tale of faith, of dreams and destinies,

In Genesis Chapter 15, the future’s mysteries.

From one man’s trust, a nation would ascend,

God’s promise, in time, would fully mend.

 Abram, father of faith, in history’s stream,

A legacy of stars, like a radiant dream.

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