Chapter 18 – The Promise of a Son

In Mamre’s shade, beneath the scorching sun,

 Three strangers came, to Abram’s tent did run.

 He welcomed them with open heart and hand,

A meal, a respite, in the desert’s land.

As they dined under the trees’ cool shade,

The strangers spoke of promises God made.

“In a year, a son for Sarah shall embrace,

A miracle of life, in God’s embrace.”

Sarah, eavesdropping from behind the door,

 Heard of her future, a child to adore.

 With laughter and disbelief, her heart did sway,

“A child for me, in my old age?” she’d say.

The Lord’s voice echoed with words of grace,

 “Is anything too hard for God to embrace?”

In a year’s time, the promise shall unfold,

A son for Sarah, as their story’s told.

In Mamre’s shade, beneath the ancient tree,

 A promise took root, a legacy to be.

A child, a laughter, in Sarah’s arms to rest,

 A testament to God’s grace, forever blessed.

Genesis Chapter 18, a tale of surprise,

A promise in old age, a son to rise.

 In Mamre’s shade, a miracle of life,

 In God’s promise fulfilled, dispelling strife.

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