Chapter 19 – Sodom and Gomorrah’s Destruction

In Sodom’s gates, a wicked city’s vice,

The righteous Lot, to God did sacrifice.

Two angels, clad as men, in its midst did appear,

 To warn of God’s wrath, a story severe.

Lot, seeing their divine presence clear,

Welcomed them in, with reverence sincere.

In the city’s square, vile men did rise,

 Demanding the angels, for their own vile ties.

Lot, in courage, the crowd did defy,

 Offering his daughters, a desperate try.

But angels intervened, and blindness did strike,

 The wicked men, whose intentions they’d dislike.

“Doom approaches,” the angels declared,

“Take your kin, your wife, from here, be spared.

Flee to the mountains, do not look behind,

 As God’s judgment falls, you must not bind.”

Lot and his family, at dawn’s first light,

 Fled from the city, their hearts took flight.

 But Lot’s wife, in curiosity’s trace,

Looked back in longing, turned to salt, her face.

The Lord rained sulfur and fire from above,

 Sodom and Gomorrah, His righteous reprove.

 In brimstone and ashes, the cities did fall,

 God’s judgment prevailed, the ultimate call.

Lot, and his daughters, in a mountain’s care,

Watched the cities’ ruin, their lives laid bare.

 In their midst, a promise of life anew,

A seed to thrive, from their lineage grew.

Genesis Chapter 19, a tale of doom,

 In Sodom and Gomorrah, dark shadows loom.

But even in judgment, a promise’s birth,

A tale of faith and destiny on Earth.

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