Chapter 20 – Abraham and Abimelech

In Gerar’s land, a foreign place and time,

 Where ancient kings did rule and shine,

 Abraham and Sarah, in sojourn there,

Faced a trial, a test of faith laid bare.

Abraham, out of fear, concealed the truth,

 Saying Sarah was his sister, in his youth.

 King Abimelech, curious, took her to his side,

But God, in a dream, His wrath did not hide.

To Abimelech, God’s warning came clear,

 A deathly plague, His message severe.

“Return the man’s wife,” God’s voice did command,

For Abraham, a prophet, in God’s hand.

In the morning light, Abimelech arose,

To Abraham, he spoke, his conscience chose.

“Why have you done this to me?” he did say,

In confusion and fear, he sought to obey.

Abraham explained, his fear and concern,

He believed the people had no fear to discern.

Abimelech, in his mercy, returned Sarah’s grace,

 With silver, sheep, and cattle, in God’s embrace.

A covenant was made, between the two,

An oath of friendship, to remain true.

 Sarah’s honor was restored, her purity known,

In Gerar’s land, God’s truth was shown.

Genesis Chapter 20, a story revealed,

 Of faith, deception, and truth concealed.

 In Gerar’s city, God’s presence came clear,

A lesson in faith and a promise held dear.

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