Chapter 21 – The Birth of Isaac

A son was born, as God had foretold,

 To Sarah and Abraham, their joy, uncontrolled.

 Isaac, they named him, with laughter’s delight,

A miracle child, in the golden light.

At the appointed time, he came to be,

A testament to God’s grace, for all to see.

The son of promise, a future so bright,

 In Sarah and Abraham’s aging sight.

But in her jealousy, Hagar’s heart did weep,

With Ishmael at her side, their fate seemed deep.

 Sarah, in her anger, cast them away,

In the wilderness, to fend, they’d stay.

Yet God’s mercy, in the wilderness vast,

Heard Hagar’s cry, and held her steadfast.

An angel appeared, with comfort and grace,

Promising descendants, a future to embrace.

In the wilderness, a well appeared,

 Quenching their thirst, their spirits cleared.

Ishmael grew strong, in God’s loving hand,

 As God’s promise of a great nation began.

Genesis Chapter 21, a tale so divine,

 Of Isaac’s birth, in God’s own design.

A testament to faith, and a promise upheld,

 In the laughter of age, a future’s story unveiled.

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