Chapter 22 – Abraham’s Test of Faith

In Moriah’s land, where mountains kissed the sky,

 God’s voice resounded, a solemn cry.

 “Take now your son, your only one,” He spoke,

 “To the land of Moriah, your faith to invoke.”

Abram, now Abraham, his heart did quake,

As God’s command, a test of faith did make.

 Isaac, his beloved, his son so dear,

Was to be offered, his heart filled with fear.

With wood and fire, they journeyed high,

 Father and son, beneath the open sky.

“Where is the lamb for sacrifice?” Isaac did inquire,

With innocence and trust, in his father’s attire.

Abraham’s reply, his heart heavy as lead,

“A lamb, my son, God shall provide,” he said.

With unwavering trust, to the altar they came,

As Isaac, in faith, called upon God’s name.

But God’s voice, in mercy, did intervene,

An angel cried out, the vision unseen.

“Abraham, do not harm the boy, I pray,

 For now I see, your faith’s on display.”

A ram appeared, its horns caught in thorns,

 A substitute sacrifice, in the morning’s warm.

Abraham named the place, “The Lord Will Provide,”

 A testament to faith, in God’s love, they’d confide.

Genesis Chapter 22, a test so divine,

 Of Abraham’s faith, in God’s grand design.

 A sacrifice withheld, as faith’s flame did burn,

 In Moriah’s land, a sacred lesson to learn.

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