Chapter 23 – Sarah’s Burial in the Promised Land

In the land of Canaan, a tale does unfold,

 Of Sarah, beloved, in her story told.

She passed away in Hebron’s ancient expanse,

 A matriarch’s journey, in God’s divine dance.

Abraham grieved her loss, his heart heavy as stone,

 His beloved Sarah, together they’d grown.

He sought a burial site, in the land foreseen,

To lay her to rest, in Canaan, their dream.

In a foreign land, Abraham spoke with grace,

To the people of Heth, a burial place.

He longed for the Cave of Machpelah’s embrace,

To rest his beloved, in her final resting place.

Ephron the Hittite offered the cave,

 But Abraham, in courtesy, a fair sum gave.

 He weighed out the silver in plain view,

For the land and the cave, the price was true.

With witnesses present, the contract was sealed,

Sarah’s resting place, in Canaan’s fertile field.

 A chapter of honor, in the Book of the Lord,

A testament of faith, in God’s grand accord.

In Genesis Chapter 23, Sarah’s story is told,

 Her final resting place, in Canaan’s hold.

 A matriarch’s journey, in the Promised Land,

 A testament to faith, as God’s loving hand.

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