Regardless of risk I knew that I had to get into the house and gather my forces. I need to ready myself both mentally and physically for what I had to do.
I approached the house from the rear and looked inside the windows. I moved close to the back door and listened at the cat flap for any sounds from inside.
I could make out a repetitive sound coming from deep inside the house, possibly upstairs. It did not take me long to realize that one of the alarms had gone off.
It was a Tuesday morning and my parents had been very diligent with their timekeeping. I remembered many mornings where I would rather have failed school and college then wake up.
But my parent’s intervention and my inner sense prevailed. The alarm was not only reminding me of the routine I had once treasured, but it was also letting me know that the house was empty.
I could not see how the hunter would have left the alarm on if he were inside. As if answering my concerns, a new set of possibilities presented themselves.
Considering the precision of his attack and the effectiveness of his kills, I knew that the hunter could indeed be inside and waiting.
Having left the alarm on for my benefit. I pushed my face through the cat flap and smelled the air inside.
Aside from the odor of cat food everything seemed to be fine. But taking no chances I tested the handle of the back door.
I slowly proceeded around to the front of the house, eyes peeled, and ears pricked for any possible danger. None was evident.
I knew that without the thoughts and feelings I had at that time I could easily have mistaken this for just another summer’s day.
I approached the front door of the house, which was unlocked and slightly ajar. Most likely left from the rush to escape the night before.
As I neared the door, I could not contain the feelings anymore. I turned towards the shore and looked out for them.
My parents.
After a short scan with my eyes I saw them. Lying in two bloodied heaps by the water. I knew the tide would eventually get them and sweep them out to sea.
I could not let that happen.
Suddenly not caring if a threat remained nearby, I leapt off the porch and ran down to the shoreline and where my parents lay.
I first came to my mother. She was sprawled out on her front in a patch of dried bloody sand. As gently as I could I turned her onto her back.
Her face was pale and cold, but it had not been harmed. I looked to her chest and saw several deep stab wounds. A few cuts were present on her arms as well, most likely caused when she was trying to defend herself.
I brushed her hair aside and looked into her face. I knew it would cause me great pain later, but I allowed the image of her face to be burned into my mind.
So I could take it with me. Forever.
Tears had begun to flow freely, and I hadn’t noticed. I leaned forward and gently kissed my mother on her forehead, whispering a goodbye to her as I pulled back.
I moved away from her body and over to my father. He was further down the beach and still soaked from the flowing water.
I stood next to him on the sand as the water flowed over my shoes. He was on his back, with multiple stab wounds to his chest.
I dared to look to his stomach for a moment, which was all that was required for my reaction. I turned away from him and heavily vomited all over the sand.
For many minutes I continued to retch, even though I had nothing left. A part of me knew it was bad for I needed my strength.
I grew angry at that part of myself.
I turned to glance at him once more. At seeing how the hunter had taken his time in disemboweling my father, the righteousness of my cause was reaffirmed.
Composing myself I stood up straight and brushed the sand off my knees. Not that it mattered for I was now very soaked and cold.
I returned to my mother’s side and gently began to pull her up onto dry land. Between the shoreline and the forest was a sandy knoll with grass growing on it.
Returning to the concern that I would be seen I lay my Mothers body underneath the knoll, where I hoped it would remain safe.
Braving the sight before me I pulled my father up from the wet sands and placed him next to my mother.
Quickly re entering the house I first ran to use the phone, but it wasn’t working. I knew that the hunter would most likely have cut the phone lines before he had attacked.
I searched for a rug or cover that I could use to place over my parents.
Finding a large thick blanket they used to have on their beds I proceeded back out to the sands.
I refused to look at the two of them lying dead before me. At that moment I wanted my memories of my parents to remain very much alive.
“I know you have gone to a better place. I wish there was something I could have done to prevent this. But now it is too late for me” I said as I slowly draped the blanket over them both.
“There is something I must do. I can only hope I do this with your blessings. But whatever happens, please don’t think less of me” As I finished, I gently removed the family signet rings that both of my parents possessed, leaving them with their marital rings only.
I reach up and undid my necklace, bringing it down before me. I ran the necklace through both rings and then secured it around my neck once more.
As I looked down at the two rings hanging at my chest, I regretted not being able to remove my signet ring and place it alongside theirs.
But then I remember Sarah and Peter, and my promise to them. Remembering how important it was to them provided me with extra momentum.
I stood up from where I knelt next to my parents and turned back to the house.
The time was approaching two thirty and I had preparations to make.
I looked at my watch and gave myself a timeline between now and when the sun would set. For that was when it would happen.
Entering the house again I proceed upstairs to gather whatever supplies I needed. Entering my bedroom, I turned and looked at myself in the mirror.
I was covered with mud and sand from the forest and the beach, and the high-quality light beige trousers I wore were ruined. Along with my t-shirt.
I looked at my face, and into my eyes. I didn’t recognize the man I saw. But I saw that as a good sign.
I removed my shoes and socks followed by my t-shirt and trousers. A shower tempted me, but I did not want to be caught unprepared.
So looking through my belongings I pulled out what I deemed to be the most appropriate clothing for me.
Out came my long-sleeved black top and black combat trousers. I smiled with pride as I put them both on, followed by thick black socks and my heavy leather boots.
Exiting my bedroom I proceeded into the loft where my father had kept some weapons.
The shotgun he had owned had been damaged some years ago and was useless. But as I explored further, I discovered my weapon of choice.
A ten inch partly serrated dagger with a sheath of its own. I withdrew the dagger and admired it eagerly. I studied its very shape and how well it fit into my hand.
I slid the dagger back into its cover and proceeded down to my bedroom again. I secured the dagger around my torso, arranging it so it was hidden behind my back.
I returned to the mirror, and found it easier to recognize the man I saw looking back at me. Testing the feel of it I reached behind my back and whipped the dagger out of its sheath, threatening my reflection.
Looking into my eyes I went back to the dream I had experienced only the night before. I remembered the promise I had made to myself.
‘If you kill him, you will know only sorrow. Do what you must do’
I took a deep breath and released it just as slowly. Looking at the dagger and then back into the mirror I repeated the promise to myself.
“I will do what I must. But nothing more. I will bring him to justice”

To Be Continued

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