Chapter 24 – The Search for a Bride

In Abraham’s old age, a promise to fulfill,

A wife for Isaac, in God’s sovereign will.

 He called his trusted servant, of lineage pure,

 To journey to Mesopotamia, the future secure.

A solemn oath to seek, with earnest desire,

 A bride for Isaac, his heart set afire.

At a well in Nahor’s city, he would be,

To find the woman God chose, her identity.

In prayer by the well, the servant implored,

 For a sign from God, a path to be explored.

 Rebekah, the chosen one, appeared so fair,

 Kind and generous, a servant’s answer to prayer.

The servant inquired, “Whose daughter are you?”

“Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel,” she replied true.

 He thanked the Lord for His kindness, profound,

 In this encounter, a future’s promise was found.

He met Rebekah’s family, and explained his quest,

The call from Abraham, God’s plan to invest.

 Laban and Bethuel, discerning the right,

Saw God’s will unfolding, in faith’s golden light.

Rebekah agreed, to be Isaac’s bride,

 A journey to the Promised Land, side by side.

 With their faith and love, a future did unfold,

 As Isaac and Rebekah’s story, in God’s grace, would be


In Genesis Chapter 24, a tale divine,

Of faith and love, in God’s grand design.

 A servant’s journey, in faith’s golden stride,

 A bride for Isaac, in God’s promise, they’d confide.

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