Chapter 26 – Isaac and Abimelech

In the days of Isaac, Abraham’s heir,

 Famine gripped the land, a time of despair.

Isaac journeyed to Gerar’s territory,

 Where King Abimelech ruled, in sovereign glory.

With God’s guidance, a word of assurance,

 Isaac sojourned, without a hindrance.

He claimed Rebekah as his sister, for fear,

To safeguard his life, he held the veneer.

But as days went by, his ruse was exposed,

Abimelech, the truth, he finally enclosed.

He reproved Isaac, for the falsehood’s claim,

 And safeguarded his people, in God’s name.

Isaac’s crops flourished, the land’s embrace,

A hundredfold harvest, God’s sovereign grace.

 He prospered in Gerar, a bounteous store,

With wells that he dug, water to restore.

Strife emerged with the Philistines around,

 Over wells of water, the source of life’s ground.

 Isaac moved on, seeking peace anew,

As God’s blessings rained down, his faith renewed.

A treaty was made with Abimelech, in the end,

Peace between their people, God’s hand did attend.

 Isaac built an altar, worshiping above,

 In Gerar’s land, God’s grace and love.

In Genesis Chapter 26, Isaac’s tale is spun,

 Of faith and strife, in the land he’d run.

Prosperity and peace, through God’s hand,

In Gerar’s territory, Isaac’s story grand.

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