Chapter 27 – Jacob’s Deception and Blessing

In Isaac’s twilight years, with eyes grown dim,

He called his elder son, Esau, to him.

“Prepare a savory meal, my son,” he decreed,

“So I may bless you before I proceed.”

Rebekah, listening, in the tent nearby,

 Plotted a scheme, with a heavy sigh.

She dressed Jacob in Esau’s attire,

 To claim the blessing that was to transpire.

Jacob, hesitant, but obedient still,

Brought Isaac the meal with a practiced skill.

 Isaac, confused by his voice and touch,

Blessed Jacob, thinking it was Esau, as such.

As Esau returned, his heart full of dread,

 The truth was revealed, his blessing misled.

 Isaac realized the deception’s woe,

That Jacob, not Esau, the blessing did bestow.

Esau, in anguish, pled for a blessing too,

And Isaac gave a lesser one, which was his due.

Rebekah, fearing Esau’s vengeful fate,

Sent Jacob away, to a safer state.

In Genesis Chapter 27, a tale of deceit,

 A stolen blessing, a family’s heartbeat.

Rebekah’s scheme, Isaac’s blindness profound,

 In the end, God’s purpose would be unbound.

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