Chapter 28 – Jacob’s Dream at Bethel

As Jacob journeyed far from home’s embrace,

Fleeing from Esau, he sought a safer space.

 He reached a certain place, as day turned to night,

A stone for his pillow, under the stars’ light.

In a dream, a ladder to heaven did unfold,

 Angels ascending and descending, a story told.

 At the top stood the Lord, speaking words so grand,

 Promising land, descendants, and blessings to the land.

Jacob awoke, his heart filled with surprise,

“This place is none other than God’s paradise!”

 He anointed the stone, a pillar to stand,

A place of God’s presence, in a foreign land.

He made a vow to serve the Lord’s decree,

 In the Promised Land, his destiny to see.

With faith renewed, he continued his quest,

A journey of purpose, in God’s plan, he’d invest.

Jacob’s dream at Bethel, a story so divine,

 A promise from God, in stars’ radiant line.

 In a land unknown, his destiny unfurled,

A testament to faith in a dreamworld.

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