Chapter 30 – Jacob’s Family Grows

In Haran’s land, Jacob served Laban’s desire,

For Rachel’s hand in marriage, a love to aspire.

 But Leah, his first wife, bore sons for the tale,

While Rachel, in her longing, seemed bound to fail.

Leah, with her sons, Reuben, Simeon, and more,

Felt God’s favor, as her blessings did pour.

While Rachel, in her sadness, with barren cries,

Yearned for children, under the open skies.

Rachel gave her maidservant, Bilhah, her place,

 To bear sons for her husband, by God’s grace.

 Dan and Naphtali, her offspring’s names were sung,

Through her maidservant’s womb, they were sprung.

Leah, too, gave her maidservant, Zilpah, a try,

 To increase her blessings, as the days went by.

 Gad and Asher, her sons, with joy, were named,

 As Jacob’s family, with love, was acclaimed.

Leah, again, bore sons, Issachar and Zebulun,

Two more blessings from God, like the morning sun.

And later, a daughter, Dinah, joined their embrace,

 As the family of Jacob continued to grace.

Then God remembered Rachel, her prayer at last,

 In her barren years, a son was cast.

Joseph, a name to remember, so dear,

A blessing from God, in the land of Haran’s sphere.

In Genesis Chapter 30, the family’s tale is spun,

 As Jacob’s legacy, in Haran, was begun.

Through love and yearning, through laughter and tears,

 A family’s destiny, in God’s embrace, appears.

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