Chapter 32 – Jacob Wrestles with God

Jacob, on his journey, received news one day,

 Esau, his brother, approached, and in his way.

In fear and trepidation, Jacob’s heart did race,

He prepared for Esau’s arrival, in a guarded space.

He divided his people and flocks, with great care,

 To soften Esau’s heart, and danger to bear.

Then he prayed to God, in heartfelt plea,

 To protect him and his family, from harm to be free.

As he crossed the Jabbok, alone on that night,

A mysterious man appeared, a heavenly sight.

They wrestled till daybreak, in a struggle intense,

As Jacob’s faith and endurance grew immense.

The man touched Jacob’s hip, a dislocation severe,

 But Jacob, in his persistence, held his fear.

 “I will not let you go unless you bless me,” he said,

 In his unwavering faith, his trust widespread.

The man then asked, “What’s your name?” in return,

Jacob replied, and a new name did he discern.

 “No longer Jacob, but Israel shall you be,

 For you’ve striven with God, and have victory.”

At dawn’s first light, the struggle was done,

And Jacob, with a limp, saw the rising sun.

 He called the place Peniel, as the story unfolds,

“I’ve seen God face to face,” he said, as God’s love beholds.

In Genesis Chapter 32, a tale so profound,

 Of Jacob’s wrestle with God on sacred ground.

A name and a blessing, in the break of day,

 As Jacob’s faith in God’s plan would forever stay.

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