Genesis Chapter 34 – The Defilement of Dinah

In Shechem’s land, where mountains kiss the sky,

A story of sorrow, in the Book of Life, does lie.

 Dinah, Jacob’s daughter, wandered in the sun,

 Her beauty and her innocence, second to none.

Shechem, Hamor’s son, with passion in his heart,

Took Dinah in a moment, tearing them apart.

He defiled her, an act of shame and sin,

 In the land of Canaan, where their lives did begin.

He sought to marry her, to make amends,

 To join their families, and share life’s trends.

 He spoke to his father, Hamor, with fervent appeal,

 To ensure their unity, their love to seal.

Hamor, in agreement, approached Jacob’s tent,

Proposing intermarriage, a plan to present.

He desired unity, with kinship to combine,

To heal the wounds, in the act of a design.

Jacob’s sons, in anger, plotted a deceit,

A plan to avenge, in revenge’s heat.

 They proposed the men of Shechem should be,

Circumcised as kin, to join their family tree.

On the third day, after the circumcision’s rite,

 Two of Jacob’s sons, with vengeance in sight,

Simeon and Levi, in stealth and wrath,

Slew the men of Shechem, in a violent aftermath.

They rescued Dinah, and looted the town,

 In the name of honor, they brought it down.

Jacob, in reproach, their actions did reprove,

 Their act of violence, his heart could hardly move.

He feared the wrath of neighboring lands afar,

 As they journeyed onwards, beneath the evening star.

 A tale of sorrow, in Genesis Chapter 34,

 Of Dinah’s defilement, and vengeance’s heavy door.

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