Genesis Chapter 35 – Jacob’s Return to Bethel

Amidst life’s swirling sea, in the river of years,

 Jacob felt the call, dispelling doubts and fears.

 He gathered his kin, his daughters and sons,

Saying, “Cleanse your spirits, for a journey’s begun.”

“Discard the foreign gods, your garments anew,

 We journey to Bethel, the Lord’s house we’ll pursue.

 An altar we shall build, in gratitude and praise,

 For the Lord who heard us in our darkest of days.”

Thus, they set forth on a path uncharted, profound,

Seeking Bethel’s sacred soil, where blessings abound.

In cities along the way, God’s fear was cast,

Preventing pursuit, as their journey steadfast.

In Luz, the ancient name for Bethel, they’d arrive,

Jacob raised an altar, in faith to revive.

A symbol of devotion, in this sacred place,

Where their voices would rise in reverent grace.

In this hallowed realm, God’s presence did unfold,

 Renaming Jacob as Israel, a story retold.

A promise renewed, descendants without end,

A covenant of blessings, on which they’d depend.

But in the midst of these moments, profound and divine,

Sorrow coexisted, where hearts intertwine.

Rachel, in labor, with a struggle did part,

 Yet in birthing a son, her life would depart.

She named him Ben-Oni, “son of sorrow,” in despair,

But Jacob, in his love, with a heart laid bare,

 Renamed the child Benjamin, a son of the right hand,

 In the tapestry of their lives, woven as a sacred strand.

Genesis Chapter 35 unfolds a journey of the soul,

To Bethel’s embrace, where promises unroll.

A tapestry of faith, change, and life’s profound art,

 In the ever-shifting course of the human heart.

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