Genesis Chapter 36 – The Genealogy of Esau

In the annals of time, a tale of descent,

The genealogy of Esau, to God’s intent.

Known as Edom, his people’s name,

 In the land of Seir, they’d rise to fame.

Esau took wives from the daughters of Canaan,

Adah, and Aholibamah, with hearts like a fan.

 Oholibamah, daughter of Anah’s embrace,

 Bore sons and daughters, a vibrant trace.

Adah bore Eliphaz, with valor to admire,

Esau’s firstborn son, in the family’s choir.

 From Esau and Oholibamah, three sons did emerge,

 Jeush, Jalam, and Korah, in the earth’s surge.

Esau’s cattle and wealth did multiply,

 A land of their own, they’d occupy.

 From Seir, Esau’s Edomite clan did arise,

In the pages of history, their legacy lies.

Dukes and chiefs, a lineage array,

 Their names in the record, they’d convey.

 A tapestry of Edom, with names untold,

A legacy of Esau, in history’s hold.

In Genesis Chapter 36, the ancestry displayed,

 The generations of Esau, in the book of God’s parade.

 A chapter of descent, and names profound,

As Edom’s legacy in the sands of time is found.

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