Genesis Chapter 39 – Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

In Egypt’s land, Joseph faced a new day,

A foreign land, a foreign role to play.

 As a servant to Potiphar, a captain of might,

 He served with dedication, from morning to night.

The Lord was with Joseph, in all that he did,

 And success, like a river, his efforts amid.

His master saw this and Joseph he’d trust,

Putting all under his care, in him he’d entrust.

But as days went by, a temptation did brew,

 Potiphar’s wife cast a sinful view.

She lusted for Joseph, her heart’s desire aflame,

 And in her pursuit, she called Joseph by name.

Day by day, she entreated, in passionate plea,

 But Joseph resisted, his heart pure and free.

 “I cannot do this wickedness,” he firmly stated,

“For God’s commandments should not be violated.”

But one day, when Joseph alone in the hall,

 She seized his garment, in her sensual thrall.

Joseph, fearing disgrace, slipped away and ran,

 Leaving his garment behind, from the wicked plan.

In anger, she accused him, a false claim she’d devise,

 To Potiphar’s ears, where her deceitful story lies.

 Joseph was cast into prison, a victim of the lie,

 Yet the Lord was with him, guiding from on high.

In prison, Joseph’s spirit did not fade,

And the keeper of the prison, his trust he’d invade.

 With Joseph in charge, no concern was there,

For the Lord was with Joseph, answering his prayer.

In Genesis Chapter 39, a story profound,

 Of Joseph’s trial, in a foreign ground.

Temptation and deceit, a path he’d traverse,

Yet his faith and integrity, in God, would immerse.

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