Genesis Chapter 40 – The Dreams of the Cupbearer and the Baker

Within the prison’s walls, Joseph stood confined,

With inmates beside him, each their own design.

 Two servants of Pharaoh, the king’s chief of staff,

 A cupbearer and baker, from his royal staff.

They each had dreams, in the quiet of the night,

 A longing for their meanings, to gain insight.

 As Joseph approached them one morning’s light,

 He saw their troubled faces, their hearts in a plight.

“Why do your faces show such signs of despair?”

 Joseph inquired, a sympathetic care.

They shared their dreams, perplexed by the scene,

 Hoping for Joseph’s wisdom, their dreams to glean.

The cupbearer spoke of a vine with grapes so red,

Pressed into Pharaoh’s cup, the king’s wine to spread.

The baker recounted a different tale,

With baskets of bread upon his head, a detail to unveil.

Joseph interpreted the dreams with precision and grace,

 “The cupbearer’s dream,” he said, “foretells his place,

 In Pharaoh’s service, his freedom restored,

 In just three days, as the future has stored.”

“But for the baker,” Joseph continued to explain,

 “The dream brings sorrow and inevitable pain.

In three days’ time, Pharaoh’s verdict will declare,

 Your life will be taken, a fate you must bear.”

The days passed by, and Joseph’s vision came true,

The cupbearer was restored, as Joseph’s words drew.

 Yet the baker was hanged, his life met its end,

 A fate sealed by Pharaoh, his hopes to descend.

In Genesis Chapter 40, within the prison’s embrace,

A tale of dreams and destiny, in a sacred space.

 Joseph’s interpretation, a gift from above,

 In the course of time, revealed God’s plan of love.

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