Genesis Chapter 41 – Pharaoh’s Dreams and Joseph’s Rise

In Egypt’s land, a new chapter unfolds,

As Pharaoh dreamed dreams, his spirit in holds.

 Seven cows, fat and sleek, arose from the Nile,

Seven others, gaunt and weak, followed in file.

Likewise, seven ears of grain, plump and full,

 Grew by the river’s side, a bountiful pull.

 Seven more, thin and withered, followed in sight,

Devouring the healthy ones, in a sorrowful blight.

Pharaoh sought an interpretation, his heart in distress,

 As none could explain the dreams’ deep impress.

 The cupbearer remembered Joseph in the prison’s abode,

 A dream interpreter, with knowledge to unfold.

Joseph was brought before Pharaoh, a man of might,

And with God’s guidance, he’d bring the truth to light.

 He declared the dreams’ meaning, a message so clear,

Seven years of abundance, followed by famine near.

Joseph advised a wise plan to preserve the land,

 To store the surplus grain, by God’s guiding hand.

 Pharaoh, impressed and aware of his skill,

Appointed Joseph as governor, his dreams to fulfill.

He gave him his signet ring and garments so fine,

 A chariot and a wife of royal line.

Joseph, at thirty years, ruled Egypt’s land,

 Implementing his plan, by God’s command.

For seven years, the land yielded a bounty so grand,

Storing grain and provisions, as Joseph had planned.

 But when the famine arrived, in hunger’s plight,

 Egypt’s storehouses opened, a beacon of light.

In Genesis Chapter 41, a story profound,

Of Pharaoh’s dreams, with their meanings unbound.

Joseph’s rise from prison to ruler’s seat,

As God’s guidance and wisdom made his life complete.

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