Genesis Chapter 43 – Benjamin’s Journey to Egypt

The famine in Canaan persisted, as time did flow,

 And their provisions dwindled, to a dangerous low.

Jacob, in deep sorrow, his heart heavy and worn,

 Instructed his sons to return to Egypt, forlorn.

Judah, in a promise, had vowed to ensure,

The safety of Benjamin, their brother so pure.

Their father’s reluctance, the risk he’d foretell,

 But Judah’s pledge was unwavering, in faith to excel.

They brought double money and gifts to bestow,

And their youngest brother, Benjamin, to show.

In Egypt’s court, they sought the viceroy’s grace,

Unaware that Joseph, their brother, they’d face.

Joseph, in disguise, their presence did greet,

And as he saw Benjamin, his heart skipped a beat.

He invited them to his home, where a feast would appear,

Yet the brothers, fearing arrest, were gripped by their fear.

Simeon, who had been imprisoned before,

Was released and rejoined them once more.

The brothers, astonished by the feast so grand,

Inquired about the returned money in their hand.

Joseph reassured them, “Your God has shown grace,

For the money you found was a gift in this place.

 And as for Benjamin,” he continued to say,

“He shall dine with me, without delay.”

In Genesis Chapter 43, a tale takes flight,

Of Benjamin’s journey to Egypt’s sight.

A family reunion, still veiled by disguise,

 As Joseph’s plan unfurled, before their eyes.

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