Genesis Chapter 44 – Joseph’s Silver Cup

The brothers, with provisions, began their journey home,

But Joseph, with a hidden plan, was about to roam.

 He commanded his steward to chase them in haste,

And when he caught up to them, a test to be faced.

Joseph’s steward accused them of theft that day,

Claiming a silver cup was stolen away.

 The brothers, in shock, protested with tears,

Vowing their innocence and casting off their fears.

They allowed themselves to be searched, one by one,

And in Benjamin’s sack, the cup was found, their run.

With heavy hearts, they returned to the viceroy’s hold,

Fearful of what their futures would unfold.

Judah, in a heartfelt plea, approached the viceroy’s chair,

 Explaining their innocence, the burden hard to bear.

 He spoke of Jacob’s love for Benjamin, so dear,

And the consequences of losing him were clear.

Joseph, deeply moved, revealed his true identity,

Tears in his eyes, his voice full of sincerity.

He forgave his brothers, for their deeds of old,

Recognizing God’s plan in the story He’d unfold.

In Genesis Chapter 44, a tale of a silver cup’s flight,

A test of the brothers, a challenge in sight.

A hidden identity, now revealed at last,

As Joseph’s forgiveness, in the story is cast.

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