Genesis Chapter 45 – Joseph Reveals His Identity

In Egypt’s land, a moment of great might,

 Joseph, unable to conceal his delight,

Revealed himself to his brothers, who stood in awe,

 As they witnessed the face of the brother they saw.

“Come close,” he said, his voice full of grace,

“For I am Joseph, your brother, in this place.

 Is my father, our father, still alive?” he asked,

Overcome with emotion, his composure unmasked.

His brothers, in shock, could scarcely believe,

The brother they’d sold, and whom they’d deceived,

 Stood before them now, in royal attire,

A ruler of Egypt, to whom they’d inquire.

Joseph reassured them, “Do not be distressed,

 For God’s plan was in this, as I was divinely blessed.

 I am your brother, whom you sold away,

 But do not grieve, for God had His say.”

He embraced them with tears, love’s bond to renew,

And the brothers, in joy, their reunion they knew.

 Joseph urged them to return to Canaan’s land,

To bring their father and their households as planned.

Pharaoh was pleased with Joseph’s appeal,

And offered wagons and provisions with zeal.

The brothers left Egypt with hearts full of cheer,

 As they embarked on a journey, their loved ones to revere.

In Genesis Chapter 45, a tale of great surprise,

 Joseph revealed his identity, a moment wise.

A family’s reunion, where forgiveness was told,

As Joseph’s hidden face in Egypt was unrolled.

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