Genesis Chapter 46 – Jacob’s Journey to Egypt

The family of Jacob, in Canaan’s abode,

Received the news of Joseph, a story bestowed.

He was alive and ruled in Egypt’s great land,

 And they were summoned to join him, at God’s command.

Jacob, in his heart, his spirit took flight,

 And he set forth to Egypt, with the morning light.

 With his sons and their households, a multitude grand,

Seventy in all, they journeyed to Egypt’s land.

Upon their arrival, they stood in awe,

As Joseph, in royal splendor, his father did draw.

They embraced and wept, their spirits elate,

As they gathered in Egypt, at Joseph’s gate.

Pharaoh, in his kindness, granted them a place,

In the land of Goshen, where they’d find grace.

 Jacob blessed Pharaoh, their encounter profound,

As their lives in Egypt’s realm did resound.

In Genesis Chapter 46, the journey unfolds,

 As Jacob and his family, a story retold.

A reunion in Egypt, a new chapter to begin,

 As God’s plan and promise, in the tale, would win.

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