Genesis Chapter 47 – Jacob in Egypt

In Egypt’s land, they settled with care,

As Jacob and his family found refuge there.

 Joseph, with his wisdom and God’s guiding hand,

Provided for their needs, in this foreign land.

The famine continued, the people in despair,

 So they traded their livestock for food to bear.

With Joseph as their governor, a trusted guide,

 Egypt and Canaan both stood side by side.

As the famine deepened, the people’s plight grew,

 And they traded their land, their homes they’d undo.

Pharaoh gained the wealth and the land they held,

While the people became servants, their stories to be compelled.

But Jacob’s family thrived, with Goshen as their home,

Blessed by the Lord, they continued to roam.

 Jacob’s years numbered one hundred and forty-seven,

 His life was full, his time in heaven.

As his days drew to a close, he summoned Joseph near,

And asked him to swear an oath, a request sincere.

Jacob wished to be buried in Canaan’s hallowed ground,

With his ancestors, in the family burial mound.

Jacob’s life ended, as the sun set in the west,

And he was laid to rest, in eternal rest.

 In Egypt’s land, his family mourned and grieved,

As the legacy of Jacob, they believed.

In Genesis Chapter 47, a story unfolds,

 Of Jacob’s life in Egypt, as time upholds.

A land in crisis, a family to thrive,

As Jacob’s years drew to a close, in God’s plan alive.

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