Genesis Chapter 48 – Jacob Blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

As Jacob’s days waned, the time had come,

 To pass on his blessings to his beloved sons.

Joseph, with his two sons by his side,

Brought them before Jacob, a moment of pride.

Jacob’s eyes, now dim with age and with time,

 Still held a vision, a blessing sublime.

 But Joseph, thinking his father was confused,

 Guided his sons as the right ones, amused.

Yet Jacob, in wisdom, knew what to do,

 As he blessed Ephraim and Manasseh too.

 He placed his right hand on Ephraim’s head,

The younger of the two, by tradition led.

Manasseh, the elder, he blessed with the left,

 An action unusual, but not bereft.

Joseph was troubled, a custom reversed,

But Jacob explained, a blessing rehearsed.

Ephraim and Manasseh would each be a name,

 In Israel’s story, in the hall of fame.

Blessed to be great, their descendants would thrive,

 As part of the covenant, to keep it alive.

Jacob’s blessings were a legacy profound,

A covenant with God, in faith to be found.

As he passed on his blessings, with love and with grace,

 A new chapter unfolded, as they took their place.

In Genesis Chapter 48, a tale of a twist,

 As Jacob blessed his sons, their fates did persist.

 A lesson of blessings, in the customs they hold,

 A story of legacy, as the future unfolds.

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