Genesis Chapter 49 – Jacob’s Blessings to His Sons

Jacob, in his final days, gathered his sons,

To bless them and foretell what each one becomes.

 In prophecy and blessings, his words did unfurl,

 As he spoke of their futures, his visions in a swirl.

Reuben, his firstborn, was called to the fore,

But for his transgressions, his blessings were sore.

Simeon and Levi, brothers fierce in might,

For their anger and cruelty, he spoke in the light.

Judah, he praised as a lion so bold,

A leader and ruler, his future foretold.

Zebulun, Issachar, and Dan, they’d reside,

 In their allotted territories, side by side.

Gad and Asher, their fortunes he’d tell,

 A destiny foreseen, in their places to dwell.

Naphtali, a deer, so fleet and so fast,

 A poetic image of his future cast.

Joseph, beloved, his blessings did flow,

A fruitful bough, with branches to grow.

His blessings abundant, from north to the south,

 In the land of his forefathers, the land of his mouth.

Benjamin, the youngest, a wolf at the gate,

 Courageous and fierce, his destiny was great.

A warrior bold, his tribe would become,

Defending his people, the battles to be won.

Jacob, with his words, foretold their fate,

 Each son’s destiny, in their places to await.

He was gathered to his people, his life complete,

 As they mourned and remembered the blessings so sweet.

In Genesis Chapter 49, a tapestry unfolds,

 As Jacob’s blessings to his sons he beholds.

 A legacy of prophecy, in blessings’ embrace,

 As they journey through time, in God’s sovereign grace.

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