Genesis Chapter 50 – Jacob’s Burial and Joseph’s Forgiveness

With Jacob’s passing, his life’s journey complete,

 His family mourned and gathered, in sorrow’s seat.

 They embalmed him in Egypt, a sign of their respect,

 As they honored his memory, their love and regret.

Joseph, his beloved son, in deep despair,

Fell upon his father’s face, a moment so rare.

He wept and kissed him, his heart torn in two,

 For the loss of his father, so faithful and true.

Joseph requested Pharaoh’s leave to return,

 To Canaan’s land, where his father would rest, to discern.

The journey of mourning, with the family’s aid,

 They reached the cave of Machpelah, where Jacob was laid.

After the burial, the brothers feared their fate,

That Joseph, in anger, would retaliate.

But he reassured them, with forgiveness and grace,

Recognizing God’s plan in the story’s embrace.

Joseph lived to the age of one hundred and ten,

A life full of blessings, as it came to its end.

 He was embalmed and placed in a coffin to stay,

 As a symbol of hope, his memory to convey.

In Genesis Chapter 50, a story does end,

 Of Jacob’s burial, by family and friend.

A tale of forgiveness, in God’s plan to unfold,

 As the legacy of Jacob and Joseph is told.

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