Chapter 6 – The Days of Noah

In ancient days, the world was dark and vast,

A shadowed land where wickedness held fast.

The sons of God beheld the daughters fair,

A union forged, a world beyond repair.

Their offspring, giants, roamed the earthly plane,

A threat to mankind, terrorizing, reign.

Yet in this time, one righteous heart did dwell,

Noah, a beacon in a world of hell.

The Lord’s own eyes, the wickedness did view,

Regretting His creation, old and new.

He vowed to cleanse the earth, its evil end,

A mighty flood, to nature’s rules suspend.

But Noah found favor in the Lord’s own gaze,

A just and righteous man in those dark days.

Instructed to build an ark of vast design,

A refuge for the world, a plan divine.

With pitch and wood, the ark began to rise,

A sanctuary, as waters touched the skies.

With creatures seven by two, both great and small,

They sought the refuge of the ark’s grand hall.

The rain began to fall, a deluge grand,

 A flood that swept o’er every sea and land.

For forty days, the waters reigned supreme,

 A world submerged in a relentless dream.

Within the ark, God’s promise took its flight,

 Preserving life, and ending wicked night.

 As waters receded, dry land did appear,

Noah’s ark a symbol of hope sincere.

From Noah’s line, the world was born anew,

A covenant, God’s promise, ever true.

A rainbow in the sky, a brilliant sign,

 Of grace and mercy, through all of time.

The days of Noah, a tale both dark and bright,

 A world reborn from nature’s ancient fight.

In faith and hope, the human heart survives,

As long as love and God’s promise thrives.

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