Chapter 16 – Hagar and Ishmael

In Abram’s household, a tale unfolds,

As Sarah, barren, her story holds.

She offered Hagar, an Egyptian maid,

To bear a child for Abram, plans were laid.

With Sarah’s consent, Hagar conceived,

A son, a promise, by God believed.

Yet strife emerged within the household’s gate,

 As tensions brewed and hearts did agitate.

Sarah, in her jealousy, rebuked Hagar so,

 In bitterness and harshness, made her go.

To the wilderness, a journey full of despair,

With Ishmael, Hagar found solace there.

But God, in mercy, heard their cries and moans,

 An angel appeared, with a message, sown.

To Hagar and Ishmael, he brought relief,

A promise of descendants, beyond belief.

Ishmael, a wild donkey, free and bold,

 His hand against all men, the prophecy foretold.

Yet God’s mercy, on Hagar and her child, did rest,

Their story, a testament, in God’s love, blessed.

In Genesis Chapter 16, a tale so true,

 Of Hagar and Ishmael, God’s grace, they knew.

In moments of despair, and in the wilderness wide,

A promise and protection, by God’s side.

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