Genesis Chapter 37 – Joseph and His Brothers

In Canaan’s land, a story takes its start,

Joseph, the favored son, held a special part.

His father Jacob, known as Israel’s name,

Loved him more than the others, his heart aflame.

He gave Joseph a coat of many colors so bright,

 A symbol of his favor, a gleaming light.

 Joseph’s dreams were vivid, a message to convey,

 Of sheaves bowing down and the sun and moon’s display.

But his brothers, consumed by jealousy’s might,

 Held resentment within, out of sight.

 In Dothan’s fields, as the flocks did graze,

They plotted against Joseph, in a secretive daze.

They stripped him of his coat, a symbol of his grace,

And cast him into a pit, in that desolate place.

Reuben, the eldest, sought to save the lad,

 Planning to return him to their father, who’d be glad.

Yet, when Reuben departed, his plan to begin,

Judah and his brothers sold Joseph, their kin.

 They brought a coat, dipped in goat’s blood, as their guise,

To their father, claiming a tragic demise.

Jacob, in deep sorrow, could not be consoled,

 For he believed Joseph was devoured by the fold.

His grief was profound, his tears in endless streams,

As his heart shattered like the fragments of dreams.

In Egypt, Joseph was sold as a slave,

To Potiphar, an officer, his fortune to pave.

 But God was with Joseph, guiding his way,

In a foreign land, where he’d soon hold sway.

In Genesis Chapter 37, a tale unfolds,

 Of Joseph and his brothers, as the story molds.

A coat of many colors, a dream’s delight,

 And jealousy’s grip, in the realm of the night.

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