Chapter 2 – The Garden of Eden

In Eden’s fragrant garden, sweet and fair,

Where earthly paradise lay free from care,

Upon creation’s canvas, God did sow,

The seeds of life in tranquil beauty’s flow.

A river wound through verdant bowers, at ease,

Its waters whispered secrets to the trees.

Four riverheads, their source in Eden’s heart,

Each sparkling stream, a realm set far apart.

The Gihon, Pishon, Tigris, and Euphrates,

Their ancient names in memory yet await.

In this celestial Eden’s sacred plot,

The finest gems and gold in plenty sought.

Among the Eden’s fragrant blooms so grand,

God placed the man formed by His mighty hand,

In majesty, with soul and heart aglow,

Breathed life, and called this wondrous man to grow.

To Adam, earthly steward, keeper true,

A garden’s care, his holy task to do.

In paradisal splendor, Adam’s grace,

His footsteps left a mark in that hallowed space.

Yet in this sacred realm, a solitude,

A void that the human heart could not elude.

So from the rib of Adam, God did mold,

A partner true, a story to be told.

The woman formed, an equal and a mate,

Together, through life’s journey, they’d create.

United in the garden’s sweet embrace,

They’d find their purpose, destiny to chase.

Beneath the branches of the tree of life,

God’s first creation found a place for strife.

The tree of knowledge stood with fruit forbidden,

A choice that led to wisdom or sin-ridden.

God’s presence walked with them in Eden’s glade,

In fragrant zephyrs and in dappled shade.

But they must heed His holy, just command,

In Eden’s dream, to treasure and to stand.

A garden lush, where innocence was pure,

In Eden’s peace, their hearts and souls secure.

A tale of origins, in whispers sung,

A song of life when Earth and Heaven were young.

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