Chapter 25 – The Descendants of Abraham

In Abraham’s aging days, he wed once more,

 Keturah, her name, a life to explore.

She bore him children, and families grew,

Diverse descendants, to God’s promise they’d be true.

But Abraham, in the twilight of his years,

 Knew his time had come, his end was near.

 He passed away, an age of 175,

A life of faith, in God’s presence, he’d thrive.

His sons, Isaac and Ishmael, side by side,

 Laid him to rest, with love and pride.

 They buried him in the Cave of Machpelah’s grace,

A final resting place, in the Promised Land’s embrace.

Ishmael’s descendants, a multitude they’d be,

A promise from God, a future to see.

In their desert homeland, their heritage did bloom,

A testament to God’s covenant, in life’s vast room.

The Lord’s blessing upon Isaac’s line,

 Through Rebekah, his wife, the promise did shine.

Two sons she bore, Esau and Jacob’s name,

Their story, in history, would rise to fame.

In Genesis Chapter 25, a story is told,

Of Abraham’s legacy, both young and old.

A testament to faith, a promise to fulfill,

In the descendants of Abraham, God’s plan is still.

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